Strange locking quirk over smbfs

From: Kris Kelley (
Date: Wed Sep 04 2002 - 15:25:03 EST

Hello all. I am trying to figure out an smbfs issue.

My company stores email directories on a Win2K Server (SP2), with two
email servers (Red Hat 7.1, kernel 2.4.9-34) accessing the share. Email
messages are stored in independent files within these directories (we
use the "Maildir" format). For a few days last week, one specific email
directory had a curious problem where the last (most recent) file in the
directory became seemingly "locked;" any attempt to move or rename the
file resulted in error messages like these:

mv: cannot unlink `1030570088.21768.server1,S=655@2,': Text file busy
mv: cannot remove `1030570088.21768.server1,S=655@2,': Text file busy

A strange thing is, when another message file entered this directory,
lock problem passed on to that file; the original file was then
"unlocked," but the new file was "locked." Even stranger was that this
problem only appeared on one of the servers accessing the smbfs share.
If I tried moving or renaming the file using the second server, the lock
problem cleared up temporarily; the file could then be freely moved or
renamed from either server, but later on the problem would reappear with
whatever the last file was in the directory, at that point.

There are no user programs that access these files from the Windows
side, and the programs that access the files via smbfs do not use any
of locking (I have verified this either with documentation or other
information provided by the program authors). Does anybody know of
anything in the smbfs code for kernel 2.4.9 that could be causing this,
and what I might do to prevent it?

The server that was experiencing this problem was decommissioned at the
end of last week (for other reasons), so I am currently not seeing this
problem. However, I want to make sure this doesn't happen again. If
more info is needed, or if I should ask this question in a different
forum (I have already tried the Samba mailing list), please let me know.


---Kris Kelley

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