RE: udp sendfile & csum_partial work around

From: Ravi Chamarti (
Date: Fri Sep 06 2002 - 12:27:48 EST

Hi Dave,

What is wrong in udp_sendpages which is including header and trailers as a part of the
arguments? I don't quite understand the problem in the interface other than it is including
header and trailers as a part of sendfile call just like BSD-style sendfilev call.

Using CORKing for UDP is nothing but buffering UDP packets which is not conventional for UDP sockets. A write on UDP sockets do need to result in transmitting the packets to the network.

The patch is a initial attempt to provide a UDP-based zero-copy path and also solving IP frags
checksum issues in sending non-linear UDP skbs.

Ravi Chamarti

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Wrong interface, you need to do something like TCP_CORK
for udp, then the user does a write() of the headers
then a sendfile() then an uncork. When the uncork happens
you push the accumulated SKB to be transmitted.
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