RE: DNS for multi-interfaces host

From: Glynn Clements (
Date: Thu Nov 21 2002 - 03:53:25 EST

Yuan Huailin-w19410 wrote:

> But in windows system, We can set the DNS servers for each connection(
> here, I mean the net interface).
> For example, on my windows host, I have 1 eth card and I built a
> dial-up network. We can set DNS server for each of them.

The configuration dialogs may allow you to enter this information for
each interface. However, that doesn't mean that it will actually be

I have no idea what Windows actually does here, but clearly it doesn't
do what you seem to be assuming that it does.

> What I concerned is if linux system can also provide the same feature?

Linux can't provide it, Windows can't provide it, nothing can provide
it, for the reasons which I've already explained (you can't know the
interface until you have an IP address).

Glynn Clements <>
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