Question about struct sk_buff

From: C T (
Date: Tue Jan 28 2003 - 13:45:04 EST


I am kind of new to kernel networking and I am trying
to implement logical clocks at the kernel level.

After trying to do it using ancillary messages (but
failed) I decided to modify the struct sk_buff by
adding it a new field called lclock.

I added the init of the lclock field to dev_queue_xmit

and I also take care of the field in skb_header_init,
skb_clone and copy_skb_header.

When I send a message from one machine to another
though, it looks like the received sk_buff does not
contain the updated lclock field.

Can anyone please tell me if there is any place where
the sk_buff is packed to be sent over the network and
if I need to pack the lclock field sepparately.

Also, the same question for unpacking the received
sk_buff. Is there a function that takes care of that?

I looked through the kernel in the last days and I
could not figure it out. Could it be that each driver
packs the sk_buff differently and independently of the

Any help is deeply appreciated.

Thank you,


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