Experimental NE3200 driver available

From: Rask Ingemann Lambertsen (rask@sygehus.dk)
Date: Thu Jan 30 2003 - 10:55:47 EST


I have written an NE3200 driver which I would like some feedback on. Please note that it sometimes hangs my Linux box, so be careful (i.e. sync your disks first, or preferably (re)mount read-only, etc).

The driver can be downloaded from:

It should work with:
Novell/Microdyne/Eagle/Anthem NE3200 boards.
Intel Etherexpress/32 boards.
Possibly Intel Etherexpress Flash 32 too.
Any other NE3200 clones out there?

What I'd like you to test is:

1) Does it detect your ethernet board? If not, what does it log and which type of board do you have?
2) Does it work with anything else than the BNC connector (which is all I can test at the moment)?
3) Does it also hang your system (I can often cause the hangs with telnet)?

The sources are intended to be compiled outside the kernel tree. After unpacking the archive somewhere,

cd ne3200
ln -s /your/linux/source/tree/drivers/net/i82586.h .
ln -s /your/linux/build/tree/include .
make -f Makefile-local
insmod -k 82586.o
insmod -k ne3200.o net_debug=1

The archive includes precompiled firmware just in case your binutils isn't recent enough to work with i80186 code.

Please note:
1) Like I said, it hangs my system, so be careful.
2) The 82586 part uses printk() a lot.
3) Parts of ne3200.c are more than two years behind kernel development and uses deprecated functions.
4) The speed is poor, only about 300 kB/s, at the moment.

Rask Ingemann Lambertsen

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