RE: [patch] A more general way to hook into the rx path.

From: Eble, Dan (
Date: Mon Feb 03 2003 - 09:38:52 EST

David S. Miller wrote:
> > Can't they do that already? For example,
> The existing hook is only useful for the bridging,
> the proposed new hook was generic and useful for other
> applications.

Here's what I see in the current code:

        if (skb->dev->br_port && br_handle_frame_hook) {
                ... call the hook ...

I don't see anything that guarantees that br_port and br_handle_frame_hook
actually point to the things their names suggest (as I tried to show in my
previous example). What have I missed? How does the current code enforce
that it is used for bridging only? If you would kindly point out which
safeguards my patch eliminates, I would be happy to put them back in. (My
application is bridge-like, and not a "proprietary TCP stack", so it would
not suffer from such restrictions.)


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