Re: SNAP packet

From: Randy.Dunlap (
Date: Wed Feb 05 2003 - 18:42:50 EST

On Wed, 5 Feb 2003, D Qi wrote:

| Fellows,
| I am writing a network driver for 2.4.10 kernel on ARM Integrator. It
| works almost properly by now(normal telnet, ftp etc works). Now we are
| tring to do some tests. It seems it refuse to response to the SNAP
| frame. We are pretty sure the hardware received it and passed it to the
| driver, the driver then passed it to the kernel. But the problem is the
| kernel won't reponse to it.
| Is this a issue for the network setting of the running Linux box or some
| thing else? Does SNAP frame work by default or is there some thing need
| to be done at the driver level? Please help.

It's a derived config option.
It is included if you select LLC or TokenRing or AppleTalk or IPX
support in the kernel config (from reading net/802/Makefile in
2.4.17; don't have 2.4.10 handy).


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