Re: IP aliasing and ARP

Date: Mon Mar 03 2003 - 14:05:24 EST

> Does deleting an alias does not immediately make a host stop replying
> to ARP requests for that IP address? Is there some time for which,
> even though the alias is deleted, ARP replies are still sent?
> I see from the tcpdump output that X actually sends an ARP reply to
> the ARP request from PY' even after deleting the alias.

I couldn't reproduce same thing here ie., no late ARP replies,...
(-- maybe supply more details?)

#define NEIGH_DEBUG 2
          ;; (and NEIGH_PRINTK2("neigh %p is suspecteded.\n", neigh);
          ;; => NEIGH_PRINTK2("neigh %p is suspected.\n", neigh);)
seem to help a bit around here.

> Does
> behavior of a process using that address affect this?

this part - I don't know (still suspecting it's not the case).

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