Packet Scheduler, bad TCP connections

From: Ben Clewett (
Date: Thu Mar 06 2003 - 05:27:08 EST

Newbe hoping this is the correct area to post.

I am dealing with the slow end of a satelite ADSL which 'lumpy', huge
latency (1 to 30 sec) and generally a pile of poo.

I need to agressivelly schedule SSH and Telnet before all other TCP
connections. Others I don't care about. There are I see many
scheduling options, can any member surgest how I might atchive this?

The second problem I have is that my connection keeps terminating
(Telnet, SSH) with 'Connection closed by foreign host' with no message
in logs. Some part of the kernel is getting tired of waiting for the
other end to respond, or possible a buffer overflow? Again, if any
member may surgest how this can be countered with extream predudice, I
would be extreamly greatful.

Yours, hoping this is the correct place for such questions,

Ben Clewett.

If this is not the correct place, possibly some member might reccoment a
good site, news or mailing list for such issues. :)

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