SNMP STATs question

From: Randy.Dunlap (
Date: Fri Mar 07 2003 - 17:55:22 EST

In include/net/snmp.h, I see:

///// NOTE: these first 2 #defines are not used anywhere.

#define SNMP_STAT_USRPTR(name) (name[0])
#define SNMP_STAT_BHPTR(name) (name[1])

so it looks like BH => [1], USR => [0].
However, these appear to be the opposite of that (and we are safe
since the ones above aren't used)...
Or do I just have my head on backwards today?

#define SNMP_INC_STATS_BH(mib, field) \
        (per_cpu_ptr(mib[0], smp_processor_id())->field++)
#define SNMP_INC_STATS_USER(mib, field) \
        (per_cpu_ptr(mib[1], smp_processor_id())->field++)
#define SNMP_INC_STATS(mib, field) \
        (per_cpu_ptr(mib[!in_softirq()], smp_processor_id())->field++)
#define SNMP_DEC_STATS(mib, field) \
        (per_cpu_ptr(mib[!in_softirq()], smp_processor_id())->field--)
#define SNMP_ADD_STATS_BH(mib, field, addend) \
        (per_cpu_ptr(mib[0], smp_processor_id())->field += addend)
#define SNMP_ADD_STATS_USER(mib, field, addend) \
        (per_cpu_ptr(mib[1], smp_processor_id())->field += addend)


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