vlsm subnetting

From: Frank Brodbeck (oakenshield@gmx.net)
Date: Wed Apr 09 2003 - 12:18:38 EST

Hi list,

I'm stucked here with variable length subnet masks.

Well I've gone through the rfc1878, googled a bit around, read through
the TCP/IP Networking Administration by Craig Hunt (okay I must confess
it's ``just" the german translation) and read a pile of eMails in your
list's archive with no result except that I'm confused...

Here's the detail:

I'm having here a class C network which I want to split into unequal
parts. Starting point is
Well I just thought *no problem* and started to split the whole net
via vlsm into the following parts:

net broadcast hosts range mask* 1-191 194-222 225-238 241-254
(*) I'm pretty sure that this is completely rubbish but see it as a
symbol of my confusion

I guess I got the part, that a vlsm of would divide my
class C into two subnets of each 126 hosts and that a vlsm of would do the same with 4 subnets each with a max. of
62 hosts.

So if somebody could mind and bring some light in here I'd be thankful.


Frank Brodbeck		System administrator apprentice
oakenshield@gmx.net	University of Karlsruhe
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