Re: ip header, which field to steal?

From: Martin A. Brown (
Date: Thu Apr 10 2003 - 13:01:31 EST


 : Thanks. Can you give me more pointers about ToS based routing? any link?

Short answer:

The ToS bit on a packet can be used as a key for route selection. You
should use "ip route add tos 0xc0 default via $GATEWAY_IP".

Longer answer:

Here's a primer on kernel routing selection. This documentation is
targetted to network admins who do not know C, that is, people who cannot
read kernel code.

I have not completed the section on ToS routing, although if you
understand the general architecture, you will not need anything else. Be
warned, there is not much here:

If you are not familiar with "ip route", see the following for some

and see the iproute2 manual (by Alexey Kuznetsov) for all of the accepted
parameters to the "ip route" command.

I solicit opinions, feedback, and criticism of the above documentation
(except for Alexey's manual).

Good luck,


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