Experimental NE3200 driver, third release

From: Rask Ingemann Lambertsen (rask@sygehus.dk)
Date: Sun Apr 13 2003 - 15:40:58 EST


The third release of my experimental NE3200 driver is ready for download:

It is supposed to work with Novell NE3200 boards as well as clones:

Eagle Technologies NE3200 (which is what I have)
Microdyne NE3200
Anthem NE3200
Intel EtherExpress/32

Possibly compatible boards:
Intel EtherExpress/32 Flash
Compag NE3200

Noteworthy changes since release 0.02:

EtherLeak bug fix to stop frame padding from leaking information.

Fixed the "out of space" warnings in i82586_send_packet() by moving the
"TX full" checks to the right place.

Lost interrupts which cause TX timeouts are now detected as such.

The IFF_ALLMULTI mode is now supported without running the 82586 in
promiscuous mode.

Basic support for configuring boards that have not been configured using an
EISA configuration utility. It needs both the "irq" and "media" options.

The interrupt handler will ignore disabled interrupts (e.g. because they
were delivered late).

Known problems and quirks:
I get messages about lost interrupts and "spurious 8259A interrupt: IRQ7".
I'm assuming that they are caused by hardware problems.

Compiling the driver:
The supplied "Makefile-local" is set up for building the driver outside of
the kernel tree. It needs "i82586.h" to be a link to the
"drivers/net/i82586.h" file of your linux source tree. It needs "include" to
be a link to the "include" directory of your linux build tree. E.g.

$ ln -s /your/linux/source/tree/drivers/net/i82586.h i82586.h
$ ln -s /uour/linux/build/tree/include include
$ make -f Makefile-local

You should then be able to load the resulting modules 82586.o and ne3200.o.

Prebuilt firmware is included because building the firmware requires your
binutils to be able to assemble i80186 code.

Reports of success or failure with this driver are most welcome. I'm
also interested in board details such as which Ethernet connectors are
present (RJ45/BNC/AUI) and details about the chips on the
board. For example the clock speeds of the i80186, i82355 and i82586,
the oscilator frequencies and the RAM access time.

Rask Ingemann Lambertsen
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