TCP as a module

From: Shan Sinha (
Date: Fri Jul 25 2003 - 12:14:44 EST

Hi everyone-

I'm not sure that this isn't a kernel newbies question, but I thought
I'd start here because my web searches seem to turn up very little.

Many people have suggested that TCP as a loadable module would be nice.
I am actually in a position where I think it might be necessary.

I am working on a research project on an ad-hoc 802.11 network spanning
through the neighborhood. There are multiple people developing on the
network with dozens of nodes all running 2.4. Various kernels across
the network are updated at various times, but upgrades do happen
frequently. Occassionally, kernels are uniformally updated across the
entire network.

My work specifically requires some TCP hacking. As a result, I would
like to insulate my work from other kernel upgrades, so as not to have
to redo work. Creating an isolated sandbox, while possible, is not
optimal, b/c the kernel upgrades are usually necessary and worth

As a result, I would like to implement a new transport layer module
based on the TCP code, but with its own address family. I realize I
might have to re-compile a few tools, but I use few enough of those,
that it should be no problem.

Looking at the code, I assume that a starting step would be to figure
out how to implement TCP as a module.

+ Has anyone actually done this or know of someone who has? Any
advice/links would be useful.
+ Or does anyone know for certain that doing this is just not possible?
If so, why not?

I'm willing to live with idiosyncracies in how such a TCP module would
behave for making my development life easier, I think this is necessary!
The idea would be that once some of my work actually demonstrates
positive results, to re-implement back into the core kernel code.

If you have a better solution, I would love to hear it!


Shan Sinha
Networks and Mobile Systems
Laboratory for Computer Science and AI

For information on the research project, visit

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