Re: [2.4 PATCH] bugfix: ARP respond on all devices

From: Carlos Velasco (
Date: Sun Jul 27 2003 - 20:23:02 EST

On 27/07/2003 at 17:55 David S. Miller wrote:

>With or without your suggestion, people have to do something

Just enabling the hidden switch solved my setting and I think it solves
most of "problem" settings.

>This doesn't even address all the problems there are with
>the hidden patch. It does things that belong on the netfilter
>level and not on the ARP/routing level.

Well... it's just your opinion... other OS and systems don't use
netfilter of firewalling at all (ex. Win) and behave like with "hidden"
Really, the only one I have tested that not do it is Linux 2.2+

For me (not a kernel developer), my world are the OSI layers, and the
isolation of the interfaces at layer 2 IMHO should be in the kernel not
any firewall module that you must install, tune and configure.

>Again, I'd like you to read all the discussions that have happened on
>this topic in the past, in particular those made by Alexey Kuznetsov
>on this topic. He gives very clear and concise reasons why the
>"hidden" patch is logically doing things in the wrong part of the
>kernel, and therefore won't ever be put into the tree.

I will look... but doing arp filter is not a real simple solution in
any way.

Carlos Velasco

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