RE: [IPSec]A problem with xfrm_check_output()

From: Zhao, Forrest (
Date: Sun Jul 27 2003 - 20:37:46 EST

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From: James Morris []
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To: Zhao, Forrest
Subject: Re: [IPSec]A problem with xfrm_check_output()

On Fri, 25 Jul 2003, Zhao, Forrest wrote:

> The function xfrm_check_output() has the same problem, because it's
> invoked
> before doing transformation.

It's fine.

The check is made only on the innermost xfrm, which carries all of the
overhead of the bundle in dst->header_len and dst->trailer_len, which is
checked against the fundamental mtu.

Maybe it's not the case, for example, when doing the ESP transformation the real "header_len" after transformation may be larger than "dst->header_len" because we can't know the length of alignment padding bits before doing the transformation. What's your opinion?

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