Re: [RFC] High Performance Packet Classifiction for tc framework

From: Michael Bellion and Thomas Heinz (
Date: Tue Aug 12 2003 - 10:01:26 EST

Hi David

You wrote:
The ipv4 FIB hash tables tackle exactly this problem. The resulting
worse cast complexity is O(n_bits_in_prefix_mask).

The problem you've described is exactly the same as trying to use
hashing for routing tables.

Yes, that's true for the 1-dimensional case. You refer to the
following algorithm, don't you?

min_prio := infinity
match_rule := nil
for all list_entries e: { // at most w+1 entries where w is the bit
// width of the keys
rule = lookup(hash(e), packet) // let's assume O(1) here
if (prio(rule) < min_prio) {
min_prio = prio(rule)
match_rule = rule
return match_rule

This algorithm has running time O(w).
[In fact it's O(number of different prefix lengths) which is O(w)
in the worst case.]

But what about the d-dimensional case? If you extend this
approach to handle rules with d prefix based matches you end
up in a running time of: O(w^d)
(assuming w to be the max. bit width)

This is definitely not desirable.


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