RE: OOPS after adding new field to skbuff.c ?!?

From: Hen, Shmulik (
Date: Thu Aug 14 2003 - 08:46:32 EST

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> Subject: OOPS after adding new field to skbuff.c ?!?
> Hello,
> Let's say i have added a new field to skbuff.h : char pkt_nr[48].
> But this causes OOPS when i boot my kernel (of course after
> compilation). I
> think this is because sch_generic is called even before
> pkt_nr was filled.

We've added a field called real_dev for proper behavior of
bonding with point to point protocols (e.g. 802.3ad).
There are several places in skbuff.c that also needed changing
that clone skb's, or recreate them, etc.
You can diff skbuff.[ch] between 2.4.21 and 2.4.22-rc1 to
see what we did. It works.

Also see 8021q VLAN module for proper way to fill private data
into skb->cb. It is using some sort of TLV to make sure the data
is valid and can be accessed.

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