RE: sch_generic.c - why skb->some_field gets undefined, after dev_queue_xmit is called?????

From: Eble, Dan (
Date: Fri Aug 15 2003 - 12:05:28 EST

> how can i transform
... *snip* ...
> which takes about 3000 cycles into something FASTER.
> I mean HOW can i efficiently write (from kernel level) into "info"
> buffer whithout that much cycles spent???

Those are two different questions. Which do you want to do, SOMETHING
faster, or the SAME THING faster?

What about saving the raw timing information while the test is running, then
converting it into a readable format after the test is complete?

Do you have any hardware outputs available which could be controlled with
only a few instructions? (CPU pins? Parallel port control or data lines?
Serial port flow control lines? Ethernet port whose link you can enable and
disable? PC speaker?) You could assert the output line when your packet
enters the test zone, deassert it line when the packet leaves, and measure
the interval with an oscilloscope. (Or maybe your test interval is too
short for that...)
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