Re: 8139too NAPI with kernel 2.4.23: still problems

From: Patrick McHardy (
Date: Tue Dec 16 2003 - 06:41:44 EST

Huber, Matthias S-RD-CP1 wrote:
I still have got problems with the new 8139too NAPI driver. On my network client, AMD K6-2 333MHz with 2.4.23 and 8139too NAPI, I no longer get "too much work at interrupt", but ifconfig still reports 1% (!) packet drops while cat'ing a file from nfs to /dev/null (help me: how do I better measure network performance?). From time to time I see a "nfs server not responding" in the syslog. Network performance is really slow, ~16 MBit/s while mii-tool says 100-TX-FD.
Corresponding server is a non-8139 Athlon XP 2000+ with 100MBit, in between a 100MBit switch. Server networking seems ok (tested from Windows, but with smb, not nfs).
Please, could anybody guess what my problem is?

I had problems with NFS+8139 on an a similar machine, it was fixed
by using PIO instead of MMIO. The help text mentions something about
memory inconsistencies IIRC. The machine was the server, though.

Maybe that helps.

Best regards,

Thanks alot,
Matthias Huber

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