8139too NAPI with kernel 2.4.23: still problems

From: Huber, Matthias S-RD-CP1 (Matthias.Huber@heidelberg.com)
Date: Wed Dec 17 2003 - 07:32:33 EST

> > I still have got problems with the new 8139too NAPI driver.
> > On my network client, AMD K6-2 333MHz with 2.4.23 and
> 8139too NAPI, I no longer get "too much work at interrupt",
> but ifconfig still reports 1% (!) packet drops while cat'ing
> a file from nfs to /dev/null (help me: how do I better
> measure network performance?). From time to time I see a "nfs
> server not responding" in the syslog. Network performance is
> really slow, ~16 MBit/s while mii-tool says 100-TX-FD.
> > Corresponding server is a non-8139 Athlon XP 2000+ with
> 100MBit, in between a 100MBit switch. Server networking seems
> ok (tested from Windows, but with smb, not nfs).
> > Please, could anybody guess what my problem is?
> I had problems with NFS+8139 on an a similar machine, it was fixed
> by using PIO instead of MMIO. The help text mentions something about
> memory inconsistencies IIRC. The machine was the server, though.

I tried PIO, but with no effect. I'm still really clueless...
Any other tips are wellcome!
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