Wrong MX order ?..

From: Andrei Loukinykh
Date: Tue Dec 23 2003 - 02:09:51 EST

I have to MXs for my domain written in my DNS server as:

mydom.net. IN MX 10 srv1.mydom.net.
mydom.net. IN MX 20 srv2.mydom.net.

But some number ( may be even a half) of messages , coming from outside
- get to srv2 first, and only then ( srv2 relays it ) - to srv1.
Load average on srv1 is very small , number of sendmail children are
also <= 10 at a time ( 30 is a max in sendmail.cf).
So , what could be the reason why messages are coming to second MX
first, not to the first one ?

Best regards,

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