Re: [Bridge] maximum throughput for linux bridge

From: Paul P. Pongco
Date: Mon Feb 16 2004 - 09:36:34 EST

Thanks for your reply.

> >
> It is not a bridge problem, just that bridging puts more stress on the
> network driver.
Yep, i really suspected it was something with the 3com card. Found
something on the bridge FAQ regarding 3com cards (setting
interrupt_work=10000). If you have additional options such as indicated
on the bridge FAQ available that you know or links that discuss this
please let me know.

> The problem is that the 3c905 cards don't support interrupt mitigation,
> so when lots
> of network traffic hits, they drop data. The 3c59x driver allocates and
> copies every
> received frame in the interrupt routine. What is needed is a new driver
> that does NAPI
> (any volunteers)?
would you know of any network card that can work as a bridge and at the
same time has NAPI drivers?


Paul P. Pongco
Mosaic Communications Inc.

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