Re: missing RTMGRP_***_ROUTE notifications on ifdown

From: John Williams Floroiu
Date: Thu Feb 19 2004 - 06:17:18 EST

I noticed by chance that taking down a network interface does not trigger notifications
to RTMGRP_IPV4_ROUTE as well.

Why should it do this?

Clients which wish to hear about this event listen on RTMGRP_LINK.

my application has some peculiar requirements. among others it needs to know which routes disappear following the switch off of an interface. RTMGRP_LINK tells you which interface goes down, but not also the routes that used to go through it. and it is also not possible to learn afterwards which routes used to exit through that interface, as the routes are already deleted.

I can imagine there are not many application to require this but the fact is that some routes are removed and currently RTMGRP_IPV4_ROUTE clients are not told which ones.

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