RE: Do you know the TCP stack? (127.x.x.x routing)

From: Sumit Pandya
Date: Mon Mar 07 2005 - 02:04:43 EST

I don't know how much help you can get with "dummy" interface. Try to set
your requirement with that special interface into mind.
-- Sumit

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> OK. We've gone a full circle, [except for a few digressions
> along the lines of me not knowing that while the rest of the
> world still uses 'route', under linux it has long been deprecated]
> you seem to be agreeing with my original guess that
> subnetting the 127 net may not be trivial, and that it may require
> some kernel hacking.
> So my original questions still stand:
> 1) How could one remove the special kernel treatment of the 127 net?
> [so that "lo" gets and "foo" gets, and
> so that the "foo" interface can actually receive packets?
> 2) If it does require kernel hacking, would you like to do it for me?
> (as I had said, as a contract)
> >> it won't accept outside packets with a loopback address.
> Not accepting packets with with a loopback address is one
> thing, not accepting any packets is entirely something else.
> Couldn't that whole 127 thing be ripped out of the kernel?
> Why couldn't the "lo" interface be treated as any other interface?

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