Help Urgent (getting Oops in kfree_skb)

From: linux lover
Date: Tue May 03 2005 - 10:08:09 EST

On 2 ethernet linux box. After it gets started i
ifdown both eth's and do ping localhost.
2 packets goes and received on but after
that packet comes with source IP and
in ip_rcv function
/* When the interface is in promisc. mode, drop all
the crap
* that it receives, do not try to analyse it.
if (skb->pkt_type == PACKET_OTHERHOST)
goto drop;
I have also not started tcpdump or
ethereal then why kfree_skb gives
Oops that Warning: kfree_skb passed an skb still on a
list (from c020b804)

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