pci Express Equipment

From: kylin
Date: Wed May 04 2005 - 06:50:50 EST

On one hand ,hardwarely,as it is always said, PCIE provides the
superexcellent performance

comparing with the PCI and PCI -X
On the other ,softwarely,in most the application scenarios i have met
, the PCIE equipment will

have to use the pci-compatible driver first in linux.
because the Configuration head is pci compatible in the first 256 byte ,
it is allowed and really works.
i know if we use the conventional Device Driver for pcie equipment,
the advanced option such as MSI ,Flow Control ,TC ,VC and hotplug are
unavailable, i also know

that the speed is mainly the problem of Bandwidth and Clocking. Still
i know that the Trafic

control mechanism is good for the arbitration and thus improve the
performance just like the

TCP protocol ways.
So my conclusion is :
the conventional Device driver will not be the bottle neck of the PCIE
performance as long as

only speed is concerned ,and the advanced options are only
here allow me just compare it with the network protocol ,
oh ,i just use the IP protocol ,with out the TCP /UDP way.
is that right ?or any wise can give some advice and

we who r about to die,salute u!
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