mrotued ppp

From: kaushal
Date: Fri May 06 2005 - 00:08:25 EST

Hello list,
Can someone please help me out with mrouted problem.Iam able to forward
the mcast packets via ppp to the other end(client) only if am changing
the netmask to other than is working fine with one
ppp interface but it is not the case when I have two ppp
interfaces.mrotued is ignoring the ppp interfaces because of invalid
netmask.Again when I change the netmasks to say ,still
mrouted is ignoring and reporting that both ppp interfaces and the eth0
fall under same netmask and hence ignoring.Can this issue be solved by
changing the subnet masks.Iam running mrouted on a linux 2.4 as well as
2.2 boxes.any help would be grateful.thanks in advance.


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