Re: xfrm_user - userspace library and/or documentation? setsockopt(IP_XFRM_POLICY)

From: Jeremy Jackson
Date: Mon Aug 08 2005 - 17:33:55 EST

Aidas Kasparas wrote:

Jeremy Jackson wrote:


I'm looking for a way to set IPSEC policy per-socket; a quick trawl
throught the kernel source shows IP_IPSEC_POLICY (ie PF_KEY) isn't
implemented (per socket), but rather only the native Linux

ipsec-tools don't use it, in fact I can't find one single piece of code,
or userspace library, or documentation on the net. Can anyone point me
in the right direction?

ipsec-tools do set policies per socket for every racoon's isakmp socket.
See setsockopt_bypass()@src/racoon/sockmisc.c

Thanks, but it seems that this is using IP_IPSEC_POLICY, which isn't suported from user level code, only PFKEYv2 sockets, which require CAP_NET_ADMIN, AFAICS
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