Re: Q: Extract hardware address from received datagram?

From: Albrecht Dreß
Date: Sun Aug 14 2005 - 15:45:58 EST

Am 14.08.05 18:28 schrieb(en) Jeremy Jackson:
I would look at what the ISC DHCP server does

DHCP encodes the client hardware address in the request packet itself [1] and does not take/need the information from the header.

Actually, the application I need is something like a dhcp server: an embedded Linux system shall replace a really dumb 16-bit micro with an eth interface. The firmware on the micro provides access to the full header, so when the protocol was designed, noone took care to add the "vital" information to the packet, and as I have to keep compatibility... - you get the picture!

Thanks, Albrecht.

[1] RFC 2131:

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