Re: Multi boot kernels

From: Bill Davidsen
Date: Sun Sep 11 2005 - 22:31:49 EST

Henrik Nordstrom wrote:

On Wed, 7 Sep 2005, Vinay Venkataraghavan wrote:

I am interested in knowing how to do is install a
newer version on a kernel while still keeping the old

Lets say I currently have Linux kernel v 2.4
and I would like to install Linux kernel v2.6. But I
would like to have it in a multiboot format where grub
gives me both options at boot time and I choose which
one I want to boot into.

This is usually the default.

Just create one boot entry per kernel in your grub config. The config is most likely in /boot/grub/grub.conf.

On several distributions this is even automated for you when you install the new kernel.

Bearing in mind that a lot of other things have to change to boot a 2.6 kernel on a 2.4 system. But upgrades within a series are pretty simple. LILO users will find that there is a 19 kernel limit on the boot table, which is not present in grub.

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