Bridging issues and general questions

From: Jason Straight
Date: Sat Oct 29 2005 - 17:39:06 EST

First, the general question:
- if I arping a host behind a bridge device and get the MAC address of the
bridge device is this an example of ________________________, while if I
arping the same device with another type of bridge I get the MAC address of
the actual nic in the host I arpinged this would be an example of transparent

Secondly - the somewhat linux specific side of the mail:
I'm using openwrt on a linksys wrt54g as a client to a wireless network which
is 64.x.x.x/24. I also have an internal only subnet setup on 192.x.x.x, which
I use for devices which do not need to be accessed from the internet

Problem: whatever the bridge [br0] ip network info is set to causes problems
for traffic being bridged through it for those IP#'s. For instance if I have
br0 set to, and and .250 try to talk to each
other via br0 they stall out and data fails to pass for long periods of time
up to a minute or so. However, if I have any other ip traffic such as
64.x.37.x over the bridge it works flawlessly. Apparently the bridge is
paying attention to layer 3 and it shouldn't be.

BTW - in this instance (probably because most wireless cards in client mode
won't "spoof" MAC's, when arpinging something behind this openwrt box it
replies with the MAC addy of the wireless interface - if that matters.

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