Any plans to merge grsecurity into 2.6 kernel? [u]

From: Antonio A Hilario [c]
Date: Mon Feb 06 2006 - 11:06:35 EST

Hello all,

I hope this question isn't off-list. Is there work going on to merge the
GRSecurity ( patches (or functionality embodied
therein) into the mainline kernel?

If so, that's great! I'd like to contribute some time as tester, or maybe hack
at some pieces of the code. If not, that probably means doing so probably
isn't considered necessary or something -- but why? Any pointers in this

Am running a notebook as a kind of portable server / development workstation,
and would like to see this running on my machine, with fewer headaches
getting grsecurity to play nice with software suspend, and some other things
out there in the wild (omigosh - SD support!).

Would truly hate to get stuck in the early 2.6.x series if I go this alone, is
all, seeing as a lot of work seems to be going into 2.6.15.x.


- Toff Hilario
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