get ready

From: Timothy Lynn
Date: Sat Mar 11 2006 - 11:13:39 EST

CWTD fi1es Change 0f direct0rs, Mr. Ha t0 1ead CWTD int0 a pr0sper0us 2006

Pr ofiled: China W0r1d Trade C0rp0rati0n
Clos e: $1.26

0fficia1 ann0uncement 0f the App0intment 0f Mr Man Ha t0 the p0siti0n
0f CF0 is expected next week. Change 0f direct0rs was fi1ed 0n
Feb 28th. With 0ver 20 years experience, Mr. Ha wi11 bring a great
dea1 t0 the tab1e t0 c0ntinue the advancement 0f CWTD in the c0ming

Just read the re1ease c0nnected with the fi1ing.

0n February 28, 2006, the Registrant ann0unced the app0intment
0f Mr. Man Ha t0 the p0siti0n 0f Chief Financia1 0fficer,
effective immediate1y. Mr. Ha had previ0us1y served the Registrant
in the capacity 0f Deputy Chief Financia1 0fficer.

Mr. Ha, aged 43, has 0ver 20 years 0f experience in the areas 0f
auditing, transacti0n advis0ry services and c0mmercia1 fie1ds.
In the past, he was executive direct0r, gr0up financia1 c0ntr011er
and c0mpany secretary 0f severa1 pub1ic1y traded c0mpanies that
were 1isted 0n the H0ng K0ng St0ck Exchange.

Mr. Ha h01ds a Masters Degree in Pr0fessi0na1 Acc0unting fr0m the
0pen University 0f H0ng K0ng. He is a1s0 a fe110w member 0f The
Ass0ciati0n 0f Chartered Certified Acc0untants and The H0ng K0ng
Institute 0f Certified Pub1ic Acc0untants.

M0st ana1ysts agree that China is the next p1ace t0 100k f0r future
investments. CWTD is the 0ne t0 pick, check them 0ut first thing Thursday

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