[niklas.fondberg@tilgin.com: IGMP unsolicited count don't work in 2.4.30?]

From: Marcelo Tosatti
Date: Sun Apr 30 2006 - 13:04:05 EST

FYI - please take a look.

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From: "Niklas Fondberg" <niklas.fondberg@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 15:31:50 +0200
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Subject: IGMP unsolicited count don't work in 2.4.30?

I'm posting to the list because we are using Linux in different IPTV Set top
I have two questions (the fist is possibly a bug);

1. Up to at least version 2.4.22 we see that after an initial membership
report (IGMP join) two more reports are sent, with an interval of around
This is very good and true to the specification (IGMP v2 rfc2236 at least).
However version 2.4.30 sends only one membership report and this causes
problems with some switches.
IGMP_Unsolicited_Report_Count is defined to 2 but if igmp_mod_timer is
called (on a igmp_query?) it is reset so the loop of adding the 2 more
reports are never done. This is just a hunch but our tests show that we
never get more than 1 report.
Anybody know if this is a bug?

2. Every membership report is put in a timer (igmp_start_timer) with a
max_delay. The max delay of the first report is 1
(IGMP_Initial_Report_Delay) so the value net_random returns will be the
earliest the first report is sent. Would it break the implementation if the
first membership report is sent right away without being put in a timer

(I'm not subscribed to the list so please CC me in the reply)

Niklas Fondberg
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