Links partnership request to

From: Daniel Bennet
Date: Tue Jun 20 2006 - 22:59:57 EST

My name is Daniel Bennet, and I want to propose you triangle (three way linking) link exchange.
I can place your link on the following sites: (PR=6) or (PR=6) or (PR=5) or (PR=5) or (PR=5) or (PR=5) or (PR=6) (PR=5) (PR=5) (PR=6)

Page where you place our link must meet next requirements:

1. Page Rank of the page is not less than Page Rank of our Page - 1
2. Your page is not the page in site link directory
3. If your page has less PR than PR of our page, then you page must be home page. Or else our page is not casino thematic.
4. Your page must be casino thematic.
5. Your page must contain not more than 15 outbound links.
Here you can acquaint with deatiled information about my proposal.

Here is my linking info (choose one, that meets your site casino thematic most closer):
<a href=""; alt="Online Casino">Online Casino</a>
<a href=""; alt="Online Casino Focus">Online Casino Focus</a>
<a href=""; alt="Poker">Poker</a>
<a href=""; alt="Poker at Online Casino Focus">Poker at Online Casino Focus</a>
<a href=""; alt="BlackJack">BlackJack</a>
<a href=""; alt="BlackJack at Online Casino Focus">BlackJack at Online Casino Focus</a>
<a href=""; alt="Roulette">Roulette</a>
<a href=""; alt="Roulette at Online Casino Focus">Roulette at Online Casino Focus</a>
<a href=""; alt="Online Casinos">Online Casinos</a>
<a href=""; alt="Online Casinos at Online Casino Focus">Online Casinos at Online Casino Focus</a>
<a href=""; alt="Slots">Slots</a>
<a href=""; alt="Slots at Online Casino Focus">Slots at Online Casino Focus</a>
<a href=""; alt="Bingo">Bingo</a>
<a href=""; alt="Bingo at Online Casino Focus">Bingo at Online Casino Focus</a>
<a href=""; alt="Keno">Keno</a>
<a href=""; alt="Keno at Online Casino Focus">Keno at Online Casino Focus</a>
<a href=""; alt="Baccarat at Online Casino Focus">Baccarat at Online Casino Focus</a>
<a href=""; alt="Baccarat">Baccarat</a>

Waiting for your decision, and responce.
Regards, Daniel Bennet.
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