Measure packet traverse time

From: Юрий Авдевич
Date: Wed Aug 02 2006 - 05:33:19 EST

I am using laptop with linux debian, kernel 2.6.12. My network configuration is following. Router is connected to laptop and sending periodically UDP packets ( let say with interval 100 ms) to laptop ethernet interface, this packets are routed to wireless interface (which working like Madwifi Access Point) and futher to wireless client. Routing of UDP packets inside linux box made thanks to proper Iptables configuration.
Can anyone help to understand how i can measure packet traverse time inside linux kernel, i mean the interval from UDP packet coming to ethernet interface to time of packet going out from wireless interface. Can i somehow connect the packet arrival event with values(in microseconds) of kernel time, same for outgoing packet? For routing, kernel probably is using buffering, that means that packets going through linux box can be served different time in microseconds.
Thank's in advance,
regards Yuri

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