Different routing for one process ?

From: xerces8
Date: Wed Feb 07 2007 - 04:22:01 EST


Is there a way to make one process route differently than the rest of the system ?

My situation is this: I have a PC on a very restrictive network ((P)NAT&filtering). I want to
run an application that is more or less a SIP telephone client. SIP is of course blocked on
the network. The only option I see is a tunnel to a friendlier place on the net and route
the SIP traffic over it. This I already did using OpenVPN. The problem is, that I want to
the tunnel to be used for SIP only and not toehr net access (due to limited bandwith of
the tunnel and other reasons).

My current solution is to run the SIP application inside a VMWare virtual machine, that does
all it's networking over the tunnel.

I wonder if I can do it without running vmware, sice that seems like shooting a sparrow with a cannon.

Note that the SIP client can communicat with the entire world, I can not predict who will call me
and from what IP address.

(I linger between linux and windows, so if someone knows a person or mail list with windows
network experts, that would be helpful too)


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