Support for Asix AX88796

From: Thomas Langås
Date: Tue Apr 10 2007 - 06:52:41 EST

I've got an DVB-C-box called Dreambox DM500-C and it uses the
AX88796-chip for networking. They (Dream Multimedia, makers of the
Dreambox) has patched the NE2000-drivers in the kernel (ne.c), but only to
get it working. As a result it doesn't seem to be performing more than
20-30 Mbps.

I found a driver [1] that I managed to patch into the linux 2.6.9-kernel, but
upon booting the dreambox it doesn't detect the networkcard. I suspect
it because of this (found inside the ne.c-file used by the dreambox):

static int __init do_ne_probe(struct net_device *dev)
#if defined(CONFIG_DM7020)
unsigned int base_addr = dev->base_addr = (unsigned
__u8 *p = (__u8*)base_addr;
if (*p == 0xFF)
base_addr = dev->base_addr = (unsigned
#elif defined(CONFIG_DM56xx)
unsigned int base_addr = dev->base_addr = (unsigned
unsigned int base_addr = dev->base_addr;

#ifndef MODULE
int orig_irq = dev->irq = 29;

CONFIG_DM56xx is enabled, so there seems to be a hardcoded base_addr
used to probe for the networkchip (which is no surprise since this is for an
embedded device). But I'm a bit puzzled to where I should put this in the
driver below, because it didn't seem to start probing at all when I
added printk's
to try and debug.

Any pointers at all on where to start would be helpfull. :-)

In advance, thanks!

[1] -

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