Re: prism54: WPA/RSN support for fullmac cards

From: Stefan Puch
Date: Tue Apr 24 2007 - 15:09:36 EST

Chr wrote:
>> I thought that at least chunkeey got a working connection.... obviously not.
> Of course it works! But not with every AP... only with "hostapd".
> (I don't have anything else to try).

Perhaps we can do a meeting after your ABI and do some tests with another AP?

> But please, before you waste your time with _some_ fullmac anomalies,
> get the last wireless-dev.git tree.
> There is a SOFTMAC driver for all prism54 chips now!
> You only need a firmware:
> (rename it to "isl3886" and put it in the right place).

- I got the wireless-dev.git tree version g5363171f.
- I could successfully use the SOFTMAC driver with my Netgear WG511 and the
Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7170
- WPA and WPA2 encryption worked fine (very good work Thanks!)
- only the "Act" (yellow) LED on the WLAN-Adapter was flashing very very fast
the whole time, I hope it doesn't give up to fast (perhaps someone could set
the rate a little bit down?)

- if I can do some further testings that may help you let me know

Regards Stefan

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