Re: prism54: WPA/RSN support for fullmac cards

From: Chr
Date: Fri Apr 27 2007 - 12:22:12 EST

On Friday, 27. April 2007, you wrote:
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> Gruß Stefan
(I just add a few cc, maybe someone else is interested too... )

It looks like you've tried your luck with the unmodified kernel driver, right?

Here is an older driver (updated, compiled & tested with 2.6.21-rc5 (actually,
it's an older wireless-dev git) and a Makefile to build it outside of the kernel tree).
Unfortunatly, It can a while until you get an connection. (So, please wait about 5 mins)

untar it, run make and insmod prism54.ko (don't use modprobe, or you may end up
with the wrong kernel module). Also, please check your wpa_supplicant.conf too,
you must enable ONLY TKIP (for group & pairwise) and nothing else!

(this driver changes the iwevent's auth & assoc requests layout slightly: (I added a few spaces to make it readable))
17:59:18.935038 eth4 Custom driver event:Authenticate request to 00:0F:XX:XX:XX:XX [03 00 0001]
17:59:18.937387 eth4 Custom driver event:Associate request to 00:0F:XX:XX:XX:XX [05 00 0001])


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