Re: Generic Netlink

From: Paul Moore
Date: Tue May 29 2007 - 11:29:01 EST

On Tuesday, May 29 2007 11:02:39 am Edouard Thuleau wrote:
> I try to use the generic netlink, and I found some examples and
> explications for the kernel space but for the user space, I don't know
> how to do.
> In the doc, it says to look in the libnl, but this lib use principaly
> the classic netlink. In svn version, an API for generic netlink
> appears but there aren't examples.
> Some one can help me ?

Don't forget that Generic Netlink is just an abstraction/multiplex layer that
sits on top of Netlink; the standard Netlink routines/API still applies to
Generic Netlink. If you are looking for a a userspace application which uses
libnl to speak Generic Netlink using only standard libnl Netlink APIs you can
look at the NetLabel Tools package which can be found here:


paul moore
linux security @ hp
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