Generic Netlink

From: Edouard Thuleau
Date: Mon Nov 12 2007 - 11:47:13 EST


I try to use the generic netlink functionalities in a kernel module.

I looked the doc and the
source code of kernel/taskstats.c in the kernel.
I tried to reproduce the example of the doc (look in the attached
file) but it doesn't work.

I work on a 2.6.23 kernel and on two different architectures, a
classic x86 pc and a armv5b board.
On the PC the genlmsg_multicast function return an error (-3) and the
system crash totally in the next 5 sec (hard reboot).
On the arm board, the genlmsg_put function return the NULL value, but
the module is unload and the system stay stable.

Can you help me ?
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