Re: Problem with frame time stamping

From: Eric Dumazet
Date: Tue Nov 13 2007 - 08:22:16 EST

Antoine Zen-Ruffinen a écrit :
THIS is what I did at the beginning. But is seem me to be some thing
wrong. So I put a static value in skb->tstamp instead of
ktime_get_real() for debug purpose. And I was still becoming the
amount of second, microsecond since 1970. We are back to my initial
mail ! The value of skb->tsamp doesn't seems to be returned by
OK Antoine.

Yes, 'struct timeval' is as you discovered, ie relative to *something*, a given event in the past. (in your case, CLOCK_REALTIME Epoch : January 1th 1970)

It is even documented (man gettimeofday)

The gettimeofday() function shall obtain the current time, expressed as seconds and microseconds since the Epoch, and store it in the
timeval structure pointed to by tp.

For timespec STAMPNS, see clock_gettime() description.

clock_gettime(CLOCK_REALTIME, &ts);

If in your driver you stick in tstamp.tv64 a value like 0x00010002, then the result of ioctl(SIOCGSTAMP) will be :
tv.tv_sec = 0 (so yes, January 1th 1970)
tv.tv_usec = 65 (because 0x10002/1000 = 65)

Not counting the fact that .tv64 should not be directly set, unless for 0 value, because it is not portable.

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