zero-copy udp

From: Martin Hess
Date: Mon Dec 03 2007 - 15:34:09 EST

Does anyone know if there is a zero-copy udp implementation for Linux? I know that it will have some limitations like not using a standard socket api, and most likely not being able to use that card for any other purpose.

Specifically I want absolutely no copying into kernel space; I want to go between userspace and the ethernet card directly. This of course makes dispatching to different protocols difficult so I'm fine with using the card for this purpose only.

I'm trying to use off the shelf components and not have to go to the specialty products like Myricom. I would also like to use udp because I want something that is out of the box routable through normal ipv4 routers. However, I'm fine with any unreliable message protocol that routes by default through ipv4 routers.
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