Re: [PATCH]MBM: add Ericsson mbm driver

From: Josip Rodin
Date: Tue Nov 25 2008 - 04:29:02 EST


Sorry for breaking threading - I just accidentally found this in linux-net
mailing list archives on the web. Please Cc: replies, I'm not subscribed here.

I have an F3507g device in my laptop and the HSPA function seems to work
fine through the ttyACM0 device created by cdc_acm. There are a few quirks,
though... I have to run AT+CFUN=1 to enable the device in the first place,
otherwise it responds to dialling and pppd appears to talk LCP, but it
actually doesn't. Also, it's necessary to wait some vaguely long period of
time for the thing to associate to the mobile network, before dialing and
starting PPP. I didn't manage to observe any pattern on how to decide
exactly when.

Would the new driver do anything about these two issues?

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