Re: Get name and ip-address for each interface

From: Miquel van Smoorenburg
Date: Wed Apr 15 2009 - 15:15:06 EST

In article <49E21B5E.6040001@xxxxxxxxx>,
grimson <grimson@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Hello out there,
>I got an interesting but challenging problem.
>I want to create a daemon-process, which runs on a host with several
>NICs. If the daemon gets a request from one of the interfaces, it
>should, amongst others, send back the IP-address and/or MAC-address,
>interface-name... of the interface from which the request came. And only
>of that interface. No infos about local-interfaces and so on.
>My approach so far was to invoke ioctl with the SIOCGIFCONF-request and
>collect all informations about every active interface on the host. But I
>need at least one unique identifier of the interface from which the
>request came. With the interface-name for exeample I can call the/
>/SIOCGIFADDR-request to get the IP-address. How can I achive this.

Use recvmsg with IP_PKTINFO. For each packet received you'll also
get information about the destination IP address and thus the interface
it was received on.

See for example src/lib/udpfromto.c from freeradius,

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