Increasing TCP initial cwnd

From: Yair Gottdenker
Date: Mon Oct 26 2009 - 09:41:15 EST

Hi all,

I am working on research project to control the sender initial
congestion window size. I am trying to allow user space to set the
initial congestion window size but with no luck. The sender always
sends just 4 packets disregarding from the snd_cwnd.

I am working on kernel version

I made the following changes:
1. tcp_ipv4.c -> in function tcp_v4_init_sock, changed from
tp->snd_cwnd = 2 to tp->snd_cwnd = user_space_initial_cwnd.
2. tcp_output.c -> tcp_init_cwnd - to always return user_space_initial_cwnd.
3. tcp_cong.c -> tcp_slow_start- to always return user_space_initial_cwnd.

Any help will be more than welcome.

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