Re: Policy routing - overlapping subnets - broken arp

From: Pascal Hambourg
Date: Mon Dec 14 2009 - 10:31:48 EST


Pieter Smit a écrit :
> [A] Senario:
> Linux gateway (T1) with 3 Ethernet cards eth0,eth1,eth2.
> <->eth1@T1
> <->eth2@T1
><->eth0:1@T1 (nat to eth1-plc1)
><->eth0:2@T1 (nat to eth2-plc2)
> [C] Problem
> c1-we are only able to ping through to one of the PLC's. Looking at
> the tcpdumps T1-Linux-gw does not respond to arp requests on eth2
> interface for it's locally configured IP. (although it(T1) arped for
> out the correct interface and sent the icmp request out)
> If we down eth1 then the pings work fine out eth2, and if we bring
> eth1 up again, eth1 has the problem.

If sysctl net.ipv4.conf.<interface>.rp_filter is set to 1, try to set it
to 0.
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