Netconsole and ethernet driver boot order

From: Jan Ceuleers
Date: Fri Jan 01 2010 - 15:35:24 EST


I'm having a problem getting netconsole to work when invoked from the kernel command line. It works fine when started using the relevant modprobe command.

I think that I have two problems:

1. On one system the network interfaces are being renamed by udev, so I'm not sure that the device name I specify in the netconsole kernel parameter is the right-one.

2. More importantly, dmesg shows that netconsole is being activated before the network driver (natsemi). So all it says is "console [netcon0] enabled" and "netconsole: network logging started", but not the multiple lines showing local and remote ports, IPs etc.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Thanks and best wishes, Jan
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